The National Alliance on Mental Illness

The National Alliance on Mental Illness highlights that public policy impacts people with mental illness in many ways — from health care to housing to criminalization. Changes in policy can result in improved treatments, increased access to services, and better outcomes for people with mental health conditions.

Achieving Proper Treatment

While mental health parity is required for nearly all health plans, achieving treatment at parity to physical health remains elusive.  Inadequate healthcare infrastructure to address those in crisis and the need for improved coordination between primary care and behavioral healthcare create numerous roadblocks.  Further severe workforce shortages result in long delays in accessing care.  

Support Levels Needed From All Levels of Government

Growing the behavioral health workforce will require support at all levels of government.  From scholarships to paid internships to prioritized immigration work permits to adding peer/family recovery specialists as providers, there will need to be policy changes at all levels of government.

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